Multiple-body refrigerated mortuary cabinet 2 - 4°C Funeralia

Multiple-body refrigerated mortuary cabinet 2 - 4°C Funeralia
2 - 4°C

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Body/coffin cold chambers in a cellular design with large or small lockable doors, for accommodating the deceased. Design: Self-supporting, stable construction of at least 8 parts, easy to disassemble, consisting of floor, wall and ceiling sandwich-panel elements with self-centring groove and spring sealing system. The interior and exterior cladding of the wall and ceiling elements are made of steel sheeting with a zinc/aluminium coating, with white RAL 9002 synthetic paint and protective film. The floor elements below have galvanized sheet steel cladding with a polyester powder coating, the top of the (design or specifications subject to change without notice) floor elements in the variant with large doors is in slip- embossed chrome/nickel steel trim (AISI 304) and a floor construction that can take wheel loads of up to 30,000 N/m². For the small door version, the upper side of the floor elements is chrome/nickel steel (AISI 304) with a ground surface.
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