Autopsy table / stainless steel / rotating 80541, 80542 Funeralia

Autopsy table / stainless steel / rotating 80541, 80542 Funeralia
80541, 80542

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Autopsy table completely made of stainless steel AISI 304, material thickness 1,5 mm table top Sound attenuating foam-insulation and negative diagonal folds to the drain Bottom of the table top completely closed with stainless steel cover Removable perforated residual container (Ø 100 mm, height 100 mm), with drain. Extra large organ basin (600 x 400 x 200 mm), seam lessly welded, free from sharp edges and well polished, with shower he ad holder, drain and stand pipe Central column Inside of this column is a strong frame plate which prevents the table from tilting (the frame plate will be screwed onto the floor) Chromium-plated toogle lever for cold and warm water, 2,5 meter shower hose with adjustable shower he ad, 1 splash proof power socket Removable revision door
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