Multiplace hyperbaric chamber HAUX-STARMED HAUX Life Support

Multiplace hyperbaric chamber HAUX-STARMED HAUX Life Support

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Our customers can expect the best in technical medical and cost conception. With over 25 years of know-how and over 650 hyperbaric HAUX chamber-systems including 450 medical HAUX-STARMED-systems operational world wide. The main ante chamber comes in two, three of four room chambers. Doors can be constructed in multiple rectangle designs and dimensions all available as options. There are options for space saving sliding doors and intensive bedding. The inter-visibility offers excellent positioning for the HAUX-MASTER-WINDOWS viewing angles can be optimized at different diameters ranging from 150 mm up to 400mm. Advantages of the HAUX-STARMED-Family include operational pressure ranging from 2 to 20 bar, dimension of chamber room 1800 mm up to 3000 mm and larger. It is able to house 2 to 24 patients or more depending on the system.
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