Modular multi-parameter monitor HAUX-MEDICAL-MONITORING HAUX Life Support

Modular multi-parameter monitor HAUX-MEDICAL-MONITORING HAUX Life Support

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The HAUX-MEDICAL-MONITORINGs SYSTEM is designed for conditions in HBO compression chambers especially for observation of patients during HBO treatment. Task of the system is to indicate to the doctor or skilled staff in compact form parameters important for HBO and to signal in time rough differences from the expectancy value. The system can contain the following components: Central computer station with: High resolution screen Multifunction key-board Mouse PC light wave interface Module box(es) for Transcutanous oxygen measurement Transcutanous carbon dioxide measurement Expiratorical oxygen measurement Expiratorical carbon dioxide measurement Capnometry (etCO2, resp. rate) ECG, single-channel, 3-channel selectable, 3- channel at the same time EEG IBP: ABP, CVP NIBP Puls oxymetry Body temperature Bio signal amplifier module with up to 8 entries Light wave interface module (1 x per box) Power supply unit(s) for the module box(es) in medical version Power supply cables for the module box(es) Light wave system Accessories for each of the measuring systems
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