Mortuary air treatment unit Maia CEABIS

Mortuary air treatment unit Maia CEABIS

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MAIA is suitable to treat indicative air volumes that can vary from 80 m3 to 100 m3. These air volumes can vary according to the air quality and the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) load present in the volume to be treated. MAIA has been studied and developed with the best care in every detail; it is characterized by a linear design that is prepared for the supporting placing, that is hanging or to the wall. MAIA can give freshness to the environment neutralizing the bad smells and the harmful substances. It’s a static product (without forced ventilation) able to assure the maximum operative efficiency, action rapidity and use flexibility of the Bioxigen® system for the cleaning and disinfection, the deodorization and improvement of the indoor air quality of the environment of the funeral sector. MAIA is an EC marked product, realized with the use of non-toxic paints, that does not need frequent and expensive maintenance by the user. MAIA is a MEDICAL PRODUCT OF CLASS II A. Once it has been correctly installed, MAIA has even the “green seal of quality” Bioxigen® certifying to be in a 24 hour cleaned and disinfected environment.
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