Coffin trolley-stairlift CEAC084 CEABIS

Coffin trolley-stairlift CEAC084 CEABIS

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CEAC084 Assisted stair descender mod. Discender CEAC085 Electric stairlift mod. Cervino Ceabis proposes two different solutions for the transfer of the coffins on the stairs. DISCENDER is a new model of stair descender, lightweight (only 19 Kg) with a slipping system based on caterpillars that take advantage of the coffin weight, allowing the operator not to raise the case but simply to control its descending,managing every manoeuvre with ease. The main feature of the CERVINO trolley for coffins going up-and downstairs is a new PATENTED system of slope that thanks to a particular rubber covered “star” reduces to a minimum (about 10%) the contact of the free wheels with the step making its use very easy and safe. It has been designed and built complying with the Machine Norm 98/37/CEE and the Electromagnetic Compliance Norm 98/336/ CEE and the Low Tension Norm 73/23/CEE in compliance with the safety norms in force with CE marking.
Via Gb Brunelli 16,
Este (PD)
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