Monopolar forceps / laparoscopic / grasping Grena

Monopolar forceps / laparoscopic / grasping Grena

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Apart from the disposable instruments we offer the same range of the limited-use(TM) products. They come in the same rich range and are aimed at meeting the requirements of all endoscopic surgeons. The full range of graspers,scissors and dissectors is available. The main advantage of the limited-use(TM) instruments is the fact they are intended for up to 10 uses. The product is delivered as sterile and can be re-sterilized up to 9 times. This combines the benefit of short lifetime of the product and economy of use. There is no hassle in taking care of the service of the reusable device and there is no concern of sharpness and functionality after certain number of reuses. The devices were designed to be precise and sharp to offer comfort cutting. The dissectors are made available both with a non-ratcheting handle and a switch-able ratcheting one. The range of graspers equipped with a switch-able ratchet is there to facilitate surgery on any tissue. The limited-use(TM) instruments are equipped with flushing canal that allows proper cleaning after each use. Careful choice of high quality materials allows the products to be re-sterilized up 9 times.
  • Type:grasping
  • Application:monopolar, laparoscopic
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