Suction cannula / endoscopy / irrigation Grena

Suction cannula / endoscopy / irrigation Grena

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Endoscopic suction-irrigation set is designed for easy fluid removal as well as irrigation during endoscopic surgery. Endoscopic suction set is a cost effective solution intended to be used during endoscopic procedures. It is espescially intended to be used during procedures where suction without irrigation is necessary. High capacity tubing of suction-irrigation sets and suction sets opens the gateway for easy flow of fluids & masses through the entire system, virtually eliminating clogging. Available with 5 or 10 mm suction cannula. Suction-irrigation sets are available in two versions: - button control type, - economy type. Button control type is equipped with ergonomic handpiece that fits into either the left or right hand. The friction reducing, double sealing valve system provide precision operation of the suction and irrigation functions while preventing leakage. Can be easily connected to one or two containers with irrigating fluid. Two color buttons facilitate proper identification of suction and irrigation line. Economy type is affordable version where irrigation can be performed by attaching high volume syringe to the luer-lock port. In our offer we also have endoscopic suction sets, available with 5 or 10mm canullas and 3m tube.
  • Medical procedure:irrigation, endoscopy, suction
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