Monitoring system ES Tedisel Medical

Monitoring system ES Tedisel Medical

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Surprisingly the most important safety device for an operating theatre or an intervention room in not located inside but outside the units. Without an electrical safety switchboard, any activity inside the surgical area would be impossible. It houses the transformer and insulation monitor together with their protections and ground unit bar connection. O.R. Tedisel Medical electrical safety equipment for operation rooms are special switchboards with an isolation transformer. Power depends on the consumption needs of each unit, although it is recommended to use minimum 7.5 KVA per room, either in single or three phase nets. ICU Switchboards for intensive care units are designed according to the number of units or bed positions to monitor. In these units, transformer power and number of secondary outputs is adapted to the needs of each project, although it is recommended to use minimum 4KVA to maintain selectivity.
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