Ceiling-mounted supply beam system / with shelves Abitus Tedisel Medical

Ceiling-mounted supply beam system / with shelves Abitus Tedisel Medical

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Even the best professionals need all the help we can provide so make sure they have Abitus on hand, with all the tools they need whatever the job. During Abitus development, designers paid special attention to combination of shapes and materials reaching a remarkable aesthetic integration of the different parts that form this ceiling suspended unit. Within the suspension pipes, medical gases and electrical cables are housed in separate isolated compartments which are vertically divided by an internal division. The equipment is distributed between the horizontal unit, trolleys and columns. The horizontal unit and columns are suitable to house electrical mechanisms and medical gases while conventional trolleys are equipped with shelves, drawers, technical rails, infusion stands, etc. It is important to mention that gas sockets are fixed in vertical position for better compatibility with accessories. For direct lighting we offer a standard lighting module 1x24W T5 with an integrated switch. It is painted in grey colour making a nice contrast with the white standard colour of the horizontal unit. If desired, dimmable ballast may be equipped in order to adjust lighting level. Indirect light has been performed with a 2x55W TC-L lighting module ensuring a glare free light for patients and hospital staff comfortable environment. At the same time, this lighting module enables placing suspension pipes symmetrically when there is more than one unit connected in straight line.
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