Modular office / for healthcare facilities WireWorks KI

Modular office / for healthcare facilities WireWorks KI

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WireWorks panel system offers unequalled creative freedom. Monolithic and segmented tiles, in a variety of acoustical tackable, steel or glass finishes, all work within the same frame. Segments as small as 6 can be incorporated in either direction horizontally or vertically to make a design statement using only tiles. Universal corner connectors keep inventory low by accommodating 90-degree, 3-way and 4-way intersections. WireWorks panel system has stacking stations that give you the freedom to build panel heights up to 12 feet. Create a private office with a door using panel stackers, and use creative tile options to add vitality and interest to the space inside. Step-down walls, integrated tables, and panel hung surfaces are also available. Plus, all WireWorks panels can be used as s spine wall to accommodate off-module panel connectors. All segmented panels can also accommodate off-module storage components.
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