Modular office / for healthcare facilities Unite System KI

Modular office / for healthcare facilities Unite System KI
Unite System

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The multiple elements of the Unite panel system create a balanced, harmonious look in any number of combinations. Formal meetings, collaborative get-togethers, impromptu dialogues, private conversations - Unite panel system creates them quickly and ties them together beautifully. It's unification through simplification. If storage is a priority, look to the Unite system's tower-based planning module, which incorporates storage towers with lower panel heights. The low panel heights allow more natural light to stream into a space. In addition, underheads can take advantage of wasted space and provide binder storage for lower panel-height stations. Or, substitute credenzas for underheads for a more flexible approach. If your space calls for benching, the Unite panel system offers worksurface-supporting frames that may be specified with inserts to match the systems office throughout a space. Clear or opaque dividers offer additional space delineation and enhance privacy. Unite panel system easily supports benching with a sophisticated Euro design flair. Or, if you need traditional cubicles, Unite panel system uses worksurfaces and unique support frames, resulting in better scale and alignment, fewer gaps and a modern, fresh look. Improve sightlines with uninterrupted glass spans of up to 72". Available in segmented panels or stacking sections. Lighten up a workstation with lifted panels that improve air circulation. Tile-to-floor panels are also available.
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