Modular cat condo Mason

Modular cat condo Mason

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The Cat Tower from Mason Company provides customizable long-term or short-term living space for cats. Rather than a box or a cage solution, the Cat Tower is a multi-level tower that can be tailored to create a unique living quarters with the various levels of height that cats love. Mason Companys Cat Tower features larger, more open areas as well as multiple levels of play area and living space, including hiding areas to ensure cats can escape to de-stress when necessary. The Cat Tower is completely customizable and can be made with various materials to meet a facilitys specific needs. Mason Companys Cat Tower is a perfect addition for showcasing adoptable cats in public adoption areas and lobbies. It can even be designed as a walk-in room that serves as both an adoption room and acquaintance room. The Cat Tower is also excellent to use in facilities that board cats. Because it is modular and completely customizable, the Cat Tower can be designed to feel like high-rise apartment living space for cats while maximizing facility space. By creating a more enriching environment that provides ample room, cats are happier, healthier and easier to adopt or board.
260 Depot Street,
Leesburg, OH
United States
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