Cat condo Raintree™ Mason

Cat condo Raintree™ Mason

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Our Raintree™ Cat Condo has a new litter pan as well as a luxury play top. Our Cat Condos are inspired by the cat enclosures at the popular Raintree Pet Resorts in Scottsdale, Arizona. These condos have amenities that are made for meticulous felines. Standard features include a feeding/watering ledge that is already built-in, a resting ledge as well as privacy panel in the litter area. Every condo has a top and bottom unit and doors that are coated with wire to ensure healthy circulation of air. Tempered glass doors and internal air ducts are also an option. Positioning of the condos can be done as standalone, back-to-back, or side-by-side. Optional portholes allow you to make a multi-unit luxury run for a single cat or for multiple cats that have the same owner. Raintree Cat Condos give you quality and beauty at very good prices.
260 Depot Street,
Leesburg, OH
United States
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