Microplate laboratory incubator 5 °C ... 70 °C | BS-MT70-2 Better&Best

Microplate laboratory incubator 5 °C ... 70 °C | BS-MT70-2 Better&Best
5 °C ... 70 °C | BS-MT70-2

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Product description: BS-MT70-2 Micro-plate incubator is a well-designed micro processing techniques incubator which well combined with PID controlling. It is mainly used for solution incubation of ELISA plate (96-/384-well), cell culture plate (24-/48-/96-well) at proper temperature. Product features 1. LCD display. Setting temperature and actual temperature simultaneously displayed. Diminishing time displayed. 2. Friendly human-machine operation interface. Streamline shape, pretty and elegant. Convenient for cleaning. 3. Uniformly upper & down heating for samples in micro plates. The experiment effect is exact correspondence of the setting and actual temperature. 4. Microprocessor controlling time and temperature. Good linearity of temperature control. 5. Four standard plates configured. Alarm signals when operation completes.
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