Laboratory sterilizer / infrared / bench-top BS-HY-800 Better&Best

Laboratory sterilizer / infrared / bench-top BS-HY-800 Better&Best

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Product description: BS-HY-800 small diameter sterilizer is using infrared heat sterilization, it is easy to use, simple operation, no fire, good resistance of wind, safe. It can be widely used in the biological safety cabinet, purification table, the exhaust fan, flow car environment. || Product features 1, Based on the principle of infrared, products are widely used in loop or inoculating needle sterilization, completely replace the alcohol lamp. 2, The temperature of heating hole can reach 800?, sterilization only takes 5-7 seconds, thorough sterilization. Products can be used in anaerobic chamber. 3, small volume, light weight, appearance and easy to clean. Heating body can adjust angle, easy operation. 4, organic substances in the ceramic funnel pipe depths ashing prevent infectious spatter and cross contamination. 5, precise temperature control technology, avoid the heating components work overload, long life.
  • Application domain:laboratory
  • Configuration:bench-top
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