Medical vacuum system / rotary claw / oil-free VHV Beacon Medaes

Medical vacuum system / rotary claw / oil-free VHV Beacon Medaes

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The BeaconMedæs Claw Vacuum System is a technology that uses dry and frictionless multi-claws. Claw rotors are synchronized using precision gears, which make them spin in differing directions. This forms an efficient vacuum system. There is no need for lubricant or sealing fluid inside the pumping chamber as the rotors never touch each other or the housing. The only maintenance required is an annual inlet filter change and also replacing the gear tube. This device comes outfitted with a TotalAlert™ system, which has embedded controls and is a highly visible part of the machine. The TotalAlert™ has a large, high-detail touchscreen with smaller individual unit screens that oversee each pump and motor combination. It also comes with alarm or warning features, maintenance screens, an embedded webserver, and event logs. This system also provides remote monitoring and can alert either email or pagers in the even of an emergency.
  • Application:medical
  • Lubrication:oil-free
  • Technology:rotary claw
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United States
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