Medical ultrasonic bath ULTRAWASH 35 ESACROM

Medical ultrasonic bath ULTRAWASH 35 ESACROM

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Our ultrasound tanks are the result of careful research in terms of quality, user-friendliness and technological innovation. For the cleaning and/or degreasing this cleaning system offers great advantages: speed, effectiveness, delicate treatment of all objects to be cleaned which could not be obtained with traditional methods. The operational principle of the ultrasound tanks is based on the electrical stimulation of ultrasound transducers with a frequency of about 30 Khz (30000 movements per second); if the intensity of the ultrasound waves is sufficient, a cavitation phenomenon occurs which leads to extremely small explosions in the liquid. It has been calculated that inside the micro-bubble during the explosion there is a temperature of about 14000degrees and a pressure of about 1000 atmospheres. The transducers have been suitably designed to obtain the best possible performance combined with a state-of-the-art electronic control, known as P.C.F (phase power control); a micro-controller monitors the system globally by testing all parameters: resounding frequency control depending on the load, temperature control, operating time control, electrical safety control, water presence control to prevent the electrical resistance from burning. Delicate and efficient cleaning is thus ensured by controlling all the parameters. All the tanks are provided with a liquid discharge and heating device. The tank is made of stainless steel superficially treated for easy cleaning and longer life.
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