Dental surgical ultrasonic generator (complete set) SURGYSONIC II ESACROM

Dental surgical ultrasonic generator (complete set) SURGYSONIC II ESACROM

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Surgysonic II is the result of the the skilled Esacrom’s staff experience in the ultrasonic techology field and its clinical applications.The traditional performances of either the handpiece and the consolle have been definitely improved in terms of functionality.Meanwhile the introduction of a software that makes the use easy and gives the chance to any operator to adapt it to different clinical situations, confirms Surgysonic as a high tech and High quality standard device.Last but not least the special attention is given to aesthetics, with a completely renewd design that is typical of Esacrom’s brand. Applications: Extractions Apicectomy Cistectomy Bone sampling Expansion of the ridge Elevation of the membrane of Schneider Osteoplastic, osteotomy Preparations of the bone for implants Preparations of fractured elements and the surface of the rooths Ortodontic surgery Endodontics