Medical ultrasonic bath Reliance® STERIS

Medical ultrasonic bath Reliance® STERIS

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The product is a small size cleaning system by which the surgical instruments of smaller size is being processed when there is a limited space. The device is designed to make the cleaning of the instruments effective with the excellent rinsing capabilities and the fine instruments are lubricated. The compact product can be used easily because of its tabletop design. The product is designed with the 132 kHz transducers by which the ultimate action of ultrasonic and minimization of noise is achieved. The micromechanical scrubbing action which is provided with the product can efficiently reach the irregular surfaces, internal passages and small crevices which enable the cleaning of small particle and film during protecting the surfaces of the fine instrument. The product including the lid and the tank is built with stainless steel providing durability and easy cleaning. The damage of cracking and chemicals is also resisted.
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