Ceiling-mounted supply column / surgical Harmony® STERIS

Ceiling-mounted supply column / surgical Harmony® STERIS

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Harmony Equipment Management Systems (EMS), also called equipment booms, are a variety of column lengths offer a broad range of service utility options for long-term flexibility. All the surgical equipment & support services are organized in one centralized location, delivering 360° of equipment accessibility and maximizing room space. EMS columns glide on precision-machined bearings, move effortlessly and reach anywhere with the arm length options range from 20" to 100" ensuring patient shoulder-to-shoulder or head-to-foot coverage. Work with improved efficiency and a centralized work platform, enabling 360° of equipment accessibility as the EMS holds up to 595 lbs. of equipment and minimizes clutter. When not in use, Harmony EMS units are quickly positioned out of the way to reduce room turnover time and enhance room throughput.
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