Medical thermosealer / rotary EM 30 Entrhal Medical

Medical thermosealer / rotary EM 30 Entrhal Medical
EM 30

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The sealer is designed with a secure body and is tested before sold to see that it runs right. It is made with a manual and service information guide included in each purchase. The heat sealer is small and uses a clear and simple to understand display screen. This works with a minimal amount of space for it to run and will be easier to handle than other sealers. This setup is made with a big display screen and uses messages that are easy to manage. The sealer works well and can work with little pressure. You can order either the EM 30 or EM 30 K model with a built-in printer and special features or you may go with the EM 30 KLC with a printer, computer port and other items for functionality needs.
  • Applications:medical
  • Features:rotary
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