Medical thermosealer / rotary EM 20 Entrhal Medical

Medical thermosealer / rotary EM 20 Entrhal Medical
EM 20

The EM 20 series of sealers are designed with European safety standards in mind and has been fully tested for use. Each unit comes with a manual and service details. Every option is small and easy to use while requiring a very minimal amount of space for it to be used in. This unit has a large display setup that makes it easy to manage and instructs the user on everything that has to be done. The EM 20 and EM 20 K units are made with built-in printers and many other functions. The EM 20 KLC includes those features and adds a computer and label printer correction unit; this is intended for use in larger facilities that need to use some heavy duty functions when printing items the right way.
  • Applications:medical
  • Features:rotary
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