Medical thermosealer AN5026 Andersen Products

Medical thermosealer AN5026 Andersen Products

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Easily installed and operated, the liner bag vacuum sealer draws air out of EOGas 3 liner bags and seals them. No compressed air or vacuum lines required. This sealer is configurable for heat time, cool time and jaw pressure. 9 pre-set setting combinations can be stored. Digital display shows setting being used as well as guiding operator through set up procedure. Parameters are sufficiently adjustable accommodate lay flat and gusseted liner bags. Technical Details Appropriate for sealing Seal and Peel and Tyvek sterilisation pouch materials. Dimensions: 80cm (w) x 32cm (h) x 35 m (d) (not including stand) Seal length: 62cm Seal width: 5mm Power Supply: 725W Weight: 178kg
  • Applications:medical
Health Science Park,
Haw River
United States
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