Medical software / polygrahy / polysomnography DOMINO SOMNOmedics

Medical software / polygrahy / polysomnography DOMINO SOMNOmedics

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Introducing the SOMNOscreen ™ System, a machine you will appreciate the analysis and reporting Automatic DOMINO software with its ease of use, speed and flexibility. Automatic analysis of all standard signals including: Apnoea/Hypopnoea calculation according to type and in correlation to Desaturations Brady/Tachycardia and Micro Arousals like: Snoring PLM Detection Micro arousal detection according to the ASDA Criteria Brady/Tachycardia and Arrhythmia analysis O2 Desaturations Body Position PTT Pulse Transit Time Calculation of the Average Frequency Value (AFV) the Alpha + Beta and Delta Frequency Bands from the EEG Sleep Staging Analysis with Sleep Profile Display of the Sleep Staging Reliability REM Detection and REM Density New information is being developed including: Sleep Fragmentation based on Micro Arousal and PTT Arousal Analysis Flow Limitation - Obstruction Level Analysis Systolic Blood Pressure: Display of the Systolic Blood Pressure Curve and automatic recognition and correlation of fluctuative pressure changes Heart Rate Variability FFT Module for the sequential analysis of the raw data
  • Application domain:polygrahy, medical, polysomnography
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