Medical software / personal records Rosetta HOPI SARL

Medical software / personal records Rosetta HOPI SARL

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Rosetta plays an important role in control and management of information in institutions and hospitals. With its flexible architecture, it is possible to install it on existing heath care systems of as a standalone complement to the system. Whatever the choice, it is designed to meet the needs of patients and providers to ensure that accurate nursing and medical records are kept and updated accordingly. It seamlessly combines the electronic documents that the organization produces whether they be in manual or digital format. There is a interoperability module i14y. Rosetta will show all the tests that are associated with a patient in a spreadsheet format distinguished by whether it is performed locally or elsewhere. Compatible with Scribb to make it easy for form integration where handwritten digital images are concerned. It is also compatible with Vizz and as a result information can be transferred to any PC via PACS solution.
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