Medical computer cart Lectern HOPI SARL

Medical computer cart Lectern HOPI SARL

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LIM (Lectern In Motion) is HOPI's answer to sharing electronic health records (EHR) contained by various health care settings. LIM assembles evenly the requirements of the doctor during hospital rounds and individuals of the nursing staff checking vitals, administering medications, and providing bedside care. This device proffers a global solution at any point of time regarding patient’s care. At every point of a patient's care, LIM makes sure the consistent shift of EHR without compensating the honesty of the information, thus plummeting medical and nursing staff workloads and reducing risk to patients. LIM is attuned with any existent in-house software. It also provides Total mobility, Convenient 19" 4:3 flat screen monitor with touch screen, Capacitive keyboard and pad with instant deactivation button, Handwriting tablet (panel), Embedded anti-nosocomial infection device, Easy CPOE access, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID connectivity and Hardware and software authentication tools.