Medical oxygen generator / 2 tanks ULTRAOX® Ultra-Controlo

Medical oxygen generator / 2 tanks ULTRAOX® Ultra-Controlo

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ULTRAOX - Medical Oxygen Production Plant A ULTRAOX® is a high purity oxygen production station or plant designed exclusively for medical use. As manufacturers, ULTRA-CONTROLO offer complete medical oxygen production, storage and distribution systems for gas networks in hospital environments. Our vast experience in the engineering and manufacture of medical gas systems allows us to meet your local installation conditions. Throughout the world, Hospitals understand that the on-site production of oxygen is a highly reliable and economical solution capable of meeting all their oxygen needs. Eliminate costs of purchasing, reception and monitoring of the oxygen supply source at your hospital. A costly over-storage in reserve capacity, injuries in the manual handling of loads and requests of very expensive emergency cylinders - everything increases the total cost of medical oxygen. A ULTRAOX® medical oxygen production plants can supply a direct line of oxygen to the hospital building, simultaneously filling the sets of high pressure oxygen cylinders to serve as a back-up and/or cover additional supply during peak demands. ULTRA CONTROLO is qualified to build and install complete turn-key medical oxygen production plants throughout the world. Our medical oxygen production system, A ULTRAOX®, is fully automatic and easy to maintain, producing a continuous flow of high purity oxygen.
  • Number of reservoirs:2 tanks
  • Options:medical