Medical air compression system / piston / oil-free ULTRAAR® Ultra-Controlo

Medical air compression system / piston / oil-free ULTRAAR® Ultra-Controlo

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We believe that health has no price. We offer our ULTRAAR® equipped with the most expensive compressors in the market but, even the most expensive compressor can result in the less cost when compared to the following benefits: • Piece of mind – the out coming air from the compressor is better than the inlet atmospheric air! • Endless lifetime cycle - more than 40 years without having to spend money again in new compressors! • Reduced electric bill – No idle running witch means that compressor stops immediately after achieving the end pressure! • Reduced filter replacements - Just clean air is going through the air treatment unit, resulting therefore in dramatic reduction on spare parts costs! • Our double stage oil-less reciprocating compressor is hand made in the factory. As a result each unit is a state-of-art with a double-check work avoiding assembling mistakes. • All wet parts are iron-free and the construction has an excellent foundry. • All parts designed to easy the service work.
  • Application:medical
  • Technology:piston
  • Other characteristic:oil-free