Medical gaze flowmeter / oxygen / variable-area Precision UK

Medical gaze flowmeter / oxygen / variable-area Precision UK
Precision UK

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Description The Precision CPX Bubble flow meter shall be supplied with connection probes to BS 5682, other country standards available e.g. DIN, NFPA, AFNOR, JIS, SS, ISO European. Gas Specificity Flow meter’s shall be supplied with gas specific probes and only attach to the corresponding medical gas terminal unit, it accurately measures flow at 0-15Lpm even at variant inlet pressures. Accuracy is fulfilled within 10% to attain maximum efficiency for patient and environment. Each flow meter is calibrated at 50 psi inlet pressure. Materials Flow meter shall be manufactured to EN 13220:1999 and ISO 15002:2008 and constructed from chromium-plated brass body, inner and external tube in crack resistant polycarbonate and stainless steel ball. Other pieces shall be in brass.
  • Technology:variable area
  • Gas type:for medical gazes, oxygen
CPX Technology Building,
United Kingdom
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