Horizontal bed head unit Precision UK

Horizontal bed head unit Precision UK
Precision UK

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Description All Precision UK?s CPX Bed Head Units are manufactured under BS EN 13585 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems. They are designed and built with a view to provide smooth lines, a stylish finish and pleasing aesthetics in order to blend into the room décor. The unit is in accordance with the British Department of Health Memorandum No. 2015 (HTM 2015). Built from individually heat treated extruded aluminum sections, the unit provides separate compartments for medical gases and electrical services. Furthermore, the gas compartment is ventilated to prevent a buildup of gas inside the unit. There are separate panels for low voltage (LV) and protective extra- low voltage (PELV) services. This allows access to the PELV section for servicing without having to isolate the LV circuits. Medical gas outlets are located in an individual compartment which both this and the cover are completely insulated from electrical elements. Any number of Medical Gas Outlets can be accommodated depending on the length of the unit.
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