Medical autoclave PROHS

Medical autoclave PROHS

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The JSM horizontal steam steriliser has as basis of its function the control of the temperature and pressure parameters seeking the complete elimination of all living micro organisms. Through fast and uniform heat transference. JSM horizontal steam sterilizers are an indispensable tool in places where high levels of sterilization are required. Key Features Possibilitu Create: Possibilitu to create up to 100 new cycle. Fast Printer: Fast printer with graphical registers and conclusive results in real time. Entire Control: The entire control is made from the PLC . Water Energy: Water and energy saver. Permit: Permit the identification of the User / Hospital Responsible based on a password. Colour Touch Screen: Colour Touch Screen display, allowing a easy and intuitive interface with the sterilizer. Safety: Safety and consternation Features. Vertically Sliding: Vertically sliding doors, with automatic command. Technical: Technical characteristics totally made in AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Application domain:medical
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