Laboratory autoclave / vertical PL - LABORATORY PROHS

Laboratory autoclave / vertical PL - LABORATORY PROHS

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The JSM Steam Sterilizer PL is a vertical sterilizer, which is indispensable in areas where high levels of sterilization are required, due to its fast and uniform heat transference. Using its superior temperature and pressure parameters, it is able to facilitate the complete elimination of all living micro organisms. The unit is constructed from stainless steel and features a dumping door, which works by pressure via 9 fast squeeze cramps. It benefits from a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and incorporates a displa,y which enables an intuitive and simple interface with the sterilizer. Electrical armored immersion resistances perform the heating while a water coil for cooling performs the drying function. Automatic elimination of the condensed air in the sterilizer's interior chamber is caused by a thermostatic purge.
  • Application domain:laboratory
  • Configuration:vertical
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