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MedDream WEB DICOM Viewer

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MedDream HTML5 Zero-footprint DICOM Viewer 

is vendor neutral and ready to be integrated with PACS, HIS/RIS/EHR/EMR, Telemedicine, Patient Portals, National Systems, CAD and AI algorithms. MedDream Universal Enterprise Viewer can be installed on premises, in any virtual environment or on cloud. MedDream is designed to aid medical professionals in day-to-day decision-making process. The Viewer is FDA cleared for diagnostic use and CE certified as a Class 2 medical device. MedDream is a cost effective certified solution perfect for software vendors, integrators, OEM‘s and national system providers. Every diagnostic image can be accessed safely and affordably. 

MedDream is a web based DICOM Viewer for PACS server that is aimed to make diagnosis, view, archive and transmit the medical images. MedDream DICOM Viewer is designed to aid medical professionals in every day’s decision making process, connecting all the medical data into one unified and fast performing network. MedDream ensures prompt and reliable way to search, view, analyze and diagnose medical images, signals and video files from anywhere and on any devices: computers, tablets and smart phones.

MedDream DICOM Viewer has a rich radiology tool set, which includes regular tools such as: zoom, pan, windowing, magnifier, measuring and advanced tools such as: line, angle, polyline, area, volume, ellipse, Cobb angle, ROI, calibration line and much more.

MedDream 3D module simplifies reconstruction technique for three-dimensional visual representations of two-dimensional image slices. The technology offers many different alternate views of the original data using various 3D reconstruction techniques such as MPR and MIP. MedDream 3D option has standard tools as: pan, zoom, rotation rendering settings presets and measurement tools such as: length, angle and intensity value.

Viewer also provides possibility to manipulate and interpret electrocardiography (ECG) data. 

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