Mass spectrometer / MALDI / TOF / high resolution AXIMA Confidence Shimadzu

Mass spectrometer / MALDI / TOF / high resolution AXIMA Confidence Shimadzu
AXIMA Confidence

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The reliable information of the mass is provided by the product with structural detail which is derived by MS/MS. The molecular samples of high weight is interrogated which is enable by the linear mode of the product. It also includes whilst reflectron mode by which the curved-field reflectron is incorporated to provide superior mass accuracy and high resolution for the successful experiments of life science and proteomics. Various target format and 50 Hz N2 laser repetition rate is provided by the system having high sensitivity by which the requirements of sample throughput are met. The product is durable and cost efficient. It can be used in the laboratories for the analysis of various sample classes manually or automatically. The transmission of the ion is enriched with modern ion optics and near-axis laser irradiation by which the outstanding sensitivity is obtained. The performance of MS/MS is done with the suitable ions which are separated by the ion selection device. The ion spectra can be acquired quickly and easily.
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