Manifold MM40 GCE

Manifold MM40 GCE

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Manifold MM40 Semiauto is a semi-automatic manifold. It is working on the principal different pressure between the operation and reserve regulator. By the manual lever, the operator can decide which side will be the operational side and which will be the reserve side. When the operating side is empty, the manifold will without any action start to supply gas from the reserve side with the lower regulator pressure and fulfilll the requests to supply without interrupting the flow. MM40 Semiauto manifolds together with a stabilizer should be used as second and third source of gas in systems with liquid gas tank. For hospitals without liquid gas tanks it is possible to use manifold MM40 Semiauto together with a stabilizer as first and second source, and in connection with a third source (MM90 Standby) it will provide a final solution to fulfill ISO 7396-1 and national installation standards. Manifolds are supplied with an Alarm system which increase safety to maximal level and inform the hospital personal about each non standard situation.
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