Vacuum regulator 70 L/min | Medievac+ GCE

Vacuum regulator 70 L/min | Medievac+ GCE
70 L/min | Medievac+

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MediEvac+ is a vacuum regulator system, which allows the user efficiently and safely control suction therapy. Compact and lightweight medical vacuum regulator system The suction level of the Medievac+ is regulated via an easy accessible, front mounted control knob A special feature of the Medievac+ on-off valve is easy resumption of the selected de-pressure value, when the treatment is interrupted The Medievac+ gauge can easily be rotated, allowing the vacuum pressure to be clearly viewed by the operator The gauge scale is colour coded in sections to display a clear indication of suction level Three versions of adjustable pressures are available to cover all therapy needs (-250, -600 and –1000 mbar) The –250 mbar version has a safety valve, which will automatically shut off to guarantee maximum protection of the patient, in the unlikely event of de-pressure increase
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