Manifold MC25 GCE

Manifold MC25 GCE

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The gas cylinder manifold MC 25 is delivered as standard for the gases medical breathing oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical breathing air, medical carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. This manifold has a capacity of 25 m3/h and is primarily intended for small and medium-sized hospitals. The gas cylinder pressure is regulated in two steps. The change-over between operating side and reserve side is made automatically without any differences in the operating pressure. Alarm signal comes from the pressure switches to the alarm unit C44. The alarm signals from the alarm unit C44 can be forwarded directly to a monitoring desk. Function control and service can be carried out without interruption in the gas supply. SPECIFICATION MC 25 INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING COMPONENTS: Gas manifold MC 25 Gas alarm C44 (exposed mounting) including power supply Evacuating kits for collecting pipe Shut-off valve for distribution line HP filters FOR A COMPLETE MC 80 (DUPLEX) STANDBY MANIFOLD ADD: High pressure collecting pipes, high pressure valves, filters and non-return valves High pressure hoses with safety wire Cylinder retaining brackets Gas name sign
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