Management software / medical / intensive care e.ICR LOWTeq

Management software / medical / intensive care e.ICR LOWTeq

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e.ICR documentation for intensive care specialists and nurses Running e.ICR allows all intensive care areas to make consistent use of the rationale behind the product lines comprehensive medical documentation while collecting all economically relevant data without disturbing or interrupting any of the medial processes. We advanced the charting module of the Anaesthesia Record to give e.ICR its appealing user interface. On the one hand, this is ensuring a high recognition value and reduced needs for training and instruction while its versatile viewing and filtering options perfectly respond to the high level of complexity found in intensive care on the other. Like e.AR, e.ICR supports the fully automatic import of vital parameters which saves intensive care units valuable human labour time. User-definable standards facilitate patient admissions, the writing of prescriptions and the implementation of guidelines. Automatic reminders and alerts assist users in making correct entries. Automatic chart verification ensures that all record details are complete. Scores and statistical analyses can either be generated with template defaults or adapted by specially trained users. A specially designed administration utility helps with defining scores or generating queries.
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