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Management software / medical / for anesthesia services e.AR LOWTeq

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e.AR Anaesthesia Record invented by and for anaesthetists e.AR Anaesthesia Record is the very heart of our highly-integrated anaesthesia solution. Every anaesthetist will immediately see an anaesthesia record in its ergonomic and intuitive user interface. It provides the best of both worlds, i.e. the possibilities of the latest in information technology and the practicalities of paper forms! The automatic import of vital parameters yields improved data validity while drastically reducing the efforts of documentation. And yet, manual data entry and correction regarding all parameters of the anaesthesia record gives anaesthetists full control over the resulting document at any time. Fully user-definable standards and adaptable lists let documentations of recurring content be just a single click away. Automatic record verification ensures that all record details are complete. An interesting feature for self-employed anaesthetists is the generation of billing suggestions pursuant to medical fee schedules such as the German GOÄ or EBM. A multitude of statistical evaluation options (times, materials, personnel, etc.) supply indispensable assistance for documentation and argumentation. Like all other modules, the Anaesthesia Record is available on network and single-user licences, too.
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