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Management software / medical / for hospitals topCare MENU topsystem
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During a stay in hospital optimal meals can play a very important part in contributing to a patients well-being. And it is not only the quality of food that is the decisive factor, the entire process - ordering, preparation and serving is vital. topCare MENU offers a complete solution for menu management with an electronic ordering system, an evaluation of the order data for the kitchen manager and a reliable distribution system in the wards. topCare MENU has an attractive order module where the patients can order their meals for the next days per touch screen. Photos of the dishes instead of simply a list of ingredients make the choice easier. Another advantage is that the patients only get a choice of dietary products that suit their personal, nutritional profile. Efficient order evaluation for optimal planning topCare MENU provides the kitchen manager with meal order data in electronic form so he can make the appropriate calculations. The tedious and time-consuming assessment of order forms is no longer necessary, since the relevant data are available at a glance. topCare MENU is a valuable aid for the kitchen and ward service staff when it comes to making up and allocating the individual menus. With Apples iPod Touch and iPad topCare MENU relies on latest generation mobile devices that have a particularly easy-to-use, ergonomic user interface.
  • Medical establishment:for hospitals
  • Function:management
  • Application domain:medical
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