Management software / medical / for hospitals topCare LOGISTICS topsystem

Management software / medical / for hospitals topCare LOGISTICS topsystem

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All modern clinic processes are tailored to one target: optimal patient care! However, many work processes in the day-to-day running of a hospital are not yet organised in a way to meet this core competence. Often qualified nursing and service staff have to deal with work processes that do not belong to their central sphere of duties. By applying modern IT solutions valuable time can be saved, which is then available for the care and treatment of patients. With topCare LOGISTICS the time-consuming operations of supplying the wards with materials and drugs can be made much more efficient. Complex order processes with paper lists and forms are now a thing of the past. Optimisation of ordering system and warehousing Direct from the ward store the service personnel can simply order materials and drugs required via a barcode scan. The electronic order generated here is sent directly to the central warehouse. The supplies are compiled in the material store via the innovative Pick by Voice-System topSPEECH-Lydia®. With a headset and a mobile PDA the store worker is led through the picking process by a voice dialogue. Here the individual order items are given as a spoken instruction and acknowledged by voice input. The store worker then has both hands free for the more important movements during the picking process. Thanks to topCare LOGISTICS the orders for materials and drugs can be placed and carried out promptly. So there are no long delivery times and fixed order cycles that often meant an unnecessarily extensive stockholding. The orders can be effected as required since delivery follows immediately.
  • Function:management
  • Application domain:medical
  • Medical establishment:for hospitals
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