Management software / EMG Neuron-Spectrum-EMG Neurosoft

Management software / EMG Neuron-Spectrum-EMG Neurosoft

The specifications of 4 polygraphic channels of Neuron-Spectrum-4/EPM and Neuron-Spectrum-5 allow making complete EMG studies by the following methods: Electroneuromyography (motor and sensory nerve conduction study (NCS), F-wave, H-reflex (also including paired stimulation), motor and sensory inching) Electromyography (spontaneous activity, interference curve, motor unit potentials (MUP)) Neuromuscular junction (repetitive stimulation, jitter) Additional EMG techniques (blink reflex, sacral reflex, bulbocavernous reflex, T-reflex*, galvanic skin responses) Somatosensory evoked potentials (SEP) Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TCMS)** Heart rate variability (HRV)***
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