Analysis software / polysomnography Neuron-Spectrum-PSG Neurosoft

Analysis software / polysomnography Neuron-Spectrum-PSG Neurosoft

Neuron-Spectrum-PSG system complements digital EEG systems of Neuron-Spectrum series by transforming EEG systems to complete PSG system. Long-term synchronous recording of EEG, polygraphic channels, video and audio information, sleep stage analysis and analysis of sleep-disordered breathing arrange a combination required for high-quality PSG study. The convenience and the simplicity for use make Neuron-Spectrum-PSG an indispensable helper during PSG recording and scoring. This system provides new possibilities for diagnostics, prevention and treatment of such widespread diseases as essential hypertension, obesity, arrhythmias, infarctions, strokes.
  • Function: : analysis
  • Application domain: : polysomnography
5, Voronin str,
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