MALDI plate spotting system EKSpot™ Eksigent

MALDI plate spotting system EKSpot™ Eksigent

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This unit brings together strong materials to help review peptide and protein samples in the proteoic field. The NanoLC MALDI system uses the traditional system with the MALDI spotter to review new separations and to make all functions a little more accurate. It holds 16 AB SCIEX 4700 targets as well as eight microtiter plate targets at a time. Each target can use a thousand spots with the potential to get thousands of more spots overnight. This spotter can be controlled with the same software program while the collector will use different targets to make it fully functional. You can get a new fraction every four sections that you use it. This may be a helpful fraction collector while the delay volume on the unit is extremely low so you'll get your results right away.
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Col. Del Valle Norte, Benito Juárez
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