Lipolysis laser / diode / tabletop SmartSculpt® Energist Medical Group

Lipolysis laser / diode / tabletop SmartSculpt® Energist Medical Group

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SmartSculpt®laser assisted lipolysis delivers body contouring with smaller incisions, reduced trauma, less blood loss and faster recovery time, when compared to traditional liposuction techniques. Compact, powerful 980nm diode laser for laser lipolysis - Precise treatments, minimal side effects. How it works The SmartSculpt® laser system delivers 980nm laser energy through a 600 micron fibre, targeting the adipose tissue. A red guide light pinpoints the position of the fibre beneath the skin, enhancing precision, safety and ease of treatment. The laser energy causes disruption of fat cells and coagulation of blood vessels. The liberated cell contents can be aspirated as necessary. Minimally Invasive - Faster Recovery Smaller gauge instrumentation means no sutures are required. The combination of reduced tissue trauma and the haemostatic action of the laser results in less bruising and swelling, promoting faster recovery. Skin Tightening In addition to the destruction of adipocytes, SmartSculpt® promotes significant skin-tightening. Heat stimulation causes fibroblast activity leading to the production of new collagen and thus a tissue tightening effect post operatively – a key element to a satisfactory outcome.
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