IPL system ePulse Energist Medical Group

IPL system ePulse Energist Medical Group

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The ePulse system provides a cost-effective IPL solution for system for the effective treatment of hair removal, skin rejuvenation, epidermal pigmentation and acne. This portable and easy to use system with optional trolley from UK manufacturer Energist Group is designed to provide high flexibility with exceptional performance. This highly portable and easy to use range offers a number of unique features: - Acne Solutions - Hair Removal Solutions - Pigmentation and Sun Damage Solutions - Skin Rejuvenation Solutions Portable Unit The ePulse, at just 14kg, is a compact, portable table-top unit. This can be placed on a table or on a trolley. This makes the ePulse particularly suitable for practitioners who need the device to be used in multiple locations. Large Spot Size for Fast and Economical Treatment The ePulse has been designed to provide the most effective clinical treatment, in the quickest time. A proprietary double lamp cartridge system enables uniform energy delivery over a large 8.9 cm2 spot size, facilitating dramatically quicker treatment times and lower treatment costs as fewer shots are required on each area.
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