Linen trolley / waste R1/K Centro Forniture Sanitarie

Linen trolley / waste R1/K Centro Forniture Sanitarie

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The AISI 304 is a single collection trolley that has a stainless steel tubular frame. It is safe because it can easily be cleansed and sterilized. It has a stainless steel bag holder as well as a removable blocking rubber frame where one can attach laundry bags. The rubber frame is also safe since it can be disinfected. The front part of this equipment holds a CIAK trolley which is designed for waste materials collection. On the other hand, it has a rubber-covered upper ring which blocks the bags. This trolley can be operated through its pedal and is featured with 4 swiveling rubber casters that measure 80mm in diameter. These casters are covered with PVC non-marking rubber bumpers.
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