Multi-function trolley ALFA 23 Centro Forniture Sanitarie

Multi-function trolley ALFA 23 Centro Forniture Sanitarie

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Worktop is made from auto-extinguishing ABS, size 760x400 mm, easily cleaned, washed and disinfected; edges have been raised on three sides (40 h mm). Structure of bearing made from electro galvanized steel sheet structure, 10/10 thickness, baked painted epoxy base, stain resistant polyurethane, un-scratchable finish. Paint adheres to UNI EN ISO 9002 regulations. Medicinal trolley unit dimensions 900x480x1110 h mm. Drawers have been made using epoxy painted steel sheet and come with fully-extractable telescopic slides. They are designed with anti-trauma ergonomic handles along with double centralized key-lock. Drawers also come with specific drawer system for opening. This ensures that only one drawer opens at a time which prevents the unit from toppling over.
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