Leg pressotherapy cuff Lympha Pants® Mego Afek

Leg pressotherapy cuff Lympha Pants® Mego Afek
Lympha Pants®

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Lympha Pants® is made to provide the best lymph drainage for the lower abdomen as well as the legs. It is also efficient in case only one leg is suffering from lymphedema. It can be used with Mego Afek devices such as Lympha Press Plus®, Lympha Press® Optimal, Lympha Press Mini®, Lympha Press Wave®, and Lympha press®103. Lympha Pants® is worn by arranging it on the surface of the treatment area. The main zipper is opened and the patient lies down inside the pants. Three zippers with different sizes are available. Close the zipper that suits your needs. If it is too small, you can add Expanders®. Three zippers are found near the ankle of every leg. The zipper that is nearest to the heel of the patient is opened to permit the foot to remain close to its normal position, which is 90º to leg, during the treatment.
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